Ortho Photography

Digital OrthoPhotography:

Using highly efficient technological apparatus we are able to meet the specifications of our clients with precision. Dale with a staff of professional technicians and Ortho Experts deliver products and quality services with exceptional competence.

Our Orthophoto Production services:

Ortho-mosaicing, Color Balancing, Seamline editing and Tile cutting.

Using computerized aerial/satellite imagery and making corrections through digital image processing for positioning of all ground features on the maps along the earth-referenced coordinate system, is called Digital orthophotography. Associated with CAD & GIS software systems, Digital orthophotography is a prominent tool in producing accurate measurements.

We use photogrammetric software on our High Powered Digital Workstations in performing Orthorectification processes.

We use adept image editing software for Radiometric alterations and modifications in the images and finally present the output in many formats including TFW, MrSid, JPEG2000, ECW etc.