Building Information Modeling (BIM) :

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model–based design process that adds value across the entire lifecycle of building and infrastructure projects. BIM insights to help you plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure projects. Typically BIM uses three-dimensional, real-time, dynamic building modeling software to increase productivity in building & infrastructure design and construction

Advantages of BIM:

During Pre-Construction stage
  • Allows to verify if the proposed design is feasible financially
  • If not, it instantly creates a new design within the constraints of desired time/cost parameters
  • Allows architecture/engineering documentation

During Design stage

  • 3D visualization during any stage of design process
  • Accurate 2D drawings extraction during design
  • Determines if the 3D model is constructible at the site
  • Extraction of parameters for sustainable building design performance analysis and evaluation
  • Analysis and correction of building design in detail
  • Contains intricate details on the structure, site and proposed materials of the building
  • Enables accuracy in cost estimates and budget control

During Construction & Fabrication stage

  • Accurate visualization of the building with real time parameters
  • Better onsite coordination of services in construction sequencing
  • Detects conflicts or clashes and allows resolution for the entire building
  • Reflection of a minor change in the digital database throughout the model
  • Construction documents creation containing minute information regarding the structure, quantities, materials
  • Easy facility management and maintenance

Our BIM services:

Our team consists of well qualified civil engineers having experience in infrastructure design and construction sectors to deliver the end to end solutions for following BIM services

Architectural modeling:

We offer customized architectural BIM services specific to the client requirement. We communicate with client’s architects, assist them to review the model from various perspectives, explore the particular model from various angles, review provision of spaces and complete the process thereby along with flipping and spinning of models. We also offer high precision architecture design services at a very competitive price.

Structural modeling:

We work and develop Structural BIM Models based on the input specifications and drawings that we receive from the client. Inputs can be in form of pdf’s, CAD Drawings, Sketches or images. We identify structural details and information from the drawings, prepare and analyze the model and send across our observations pertaining to designs as well. We work on Concrete and Steel Structures.